2015 is Fixin’ to Be Awesome

I’m a big believer in signs.
Not just the obvious ones….


I love the spiritual signs we receive daily. I also love the ones I make up in my own mind.
It’s a Missy thing.

So when – without any anticipatory knowledge (shocking because I am an expert in all things PB&J) I happened to randomly spot these babies during unplanned stop at the store….


I knew that 2015 is gonna be RIGHT.

How about you? You feeling it?


Because sometimes?

Because sometimes you just need a sparkly, rainbow-butterfly-unicorn- kitten.


I want to feed that kitten peanut butter sooooo bad.

I finished my first semester of college. Again. But wait.
Did I mention here I’ve decided to get another degree?
I did great and returning to school is the best thing that’s gone down in my life in a loooooong time.

Yup. I’m gonna be a “it’s never too late to change your career” role model. I hope.
I hope even more to be a “it’s never too late to turn your life around” example too.
It you’re reading this leave a comment letting me know how you are! If you want.

My Brother Lived Today


Five years ago today, my brother Greg lived. He woke up, probably had coffee and a shower, probably hugged or kissed his baby boy and said goodbye to his family before heading to work.  He was tired at work that day,  telling co-workers he felt sore as well.  He kept stretching his chest, complaining of a tightness.

He had a long day ahead of him, as he was coaching soccer practice later that night. But, always a clown, I’m sure he was busting up with his friends at work as usual. Making people (and himself) laugh.

Maybe someone made tuna or burnt popcorn in the breakroom. (The worst). Maybe something went FUBAR and it was total SNAFU until he saved the day. Like a boss.


He probably ate lunch. Maybe it was disappointing. Maybe it rocked his world. Maybe he hit traffic on his way home and it pizzed him off. He wasn’t the most patient about some things.  Or maybe he was in an awesome mood.


Either way, I’m sure he was listening to good music.

I’m sure he loved walking in the door after work each day and playing with his one-year old son before dinner. Maybe he changed a diaper. His dog Fletcher waited for him all day to come home; Greg probably took him out back to play catch. Maybe he played the guitar for a little bit after dinner. Or maybe everything was a huge stressful mess to get the kids fed and ready to go.

Eventually, he and his family headed out to Soccer practice. He probably got a nostalgic feeling every time he set foot on the field, having spent so much time there growing up. I know he loved coaching. Like most people, those kid’s also LOVED them some Coach Miller.

Five years ago, today, my brother lived.

He also happened to die.


He had a heart attack on the field that night and died immediately.

Ever since then, I’ve come to think of November 4th as “the day my brother passed away.” And it hurts. It’s sad. It sucks.

But my Aunt said something to me that made me realize I was doing it wrong.



My brother lived on November 4. It just so happens he never saw another day. When I think of it this way, I’m reminded of how tenuous and fragile life is.

We’ve all heard the clichés about this…. “live each moment to the fullest because you never know, it could be your last” and etc. It’s true.

Yet, it’s hard to really REALLY let that resonate inside unless you’ve experienced a sudden loss of a loved one. Nah,  nevermind, it’s still difficult. We all need to be reminded.

Me and you. That’s why I’m sharing this. Live today. While you’re still alive. Okay?

While I’m at it, I’m going to talk really briefly about something I NEVER discuss. *deep breath* My brother’s co-workers told us that he complained of fatigue and a tight chest the day he later died of a heart attack. I cannot help but wonder what might have happened had he went to the Dr. or ER/ED that day.

With heart attacks and heart disease rapidly increasing in young women especially and among otherwise healthy individuals – we need to educate ourselves on the signs and symptoms and ALWAYS be sure to go get checked out if your gut’s telling you something is wrong. And KEEP at it if they tell you something like “oh, its indigestion” or whatever. Insist they check for signs of stroke. Just a little PSA.

Okay so this is me doing my emotions.


Thanks so much for those of you who’ve always had a kind word to say over the years.

Miss you, bro.



My Verbs.

The following post needs to come with a warning:

images (3)


You need to know what you’re getting into before reading (or scrolling through) a whole bunch of shiz about me that you absolutely do not need nor want to know. Yeah internets! Should you choose to accept, don’t spend too much time wondering about your choices in life as this greatly diminishes the joy found in wasting time on the internet.

Here are my verbs.

Making: Money. Messes. People smile.

Reading: Just went on a huge library-hold placing spree. Much needed; I’ve had no luck in my “off the shelf” picks. Oh and Chemistry because I’m doing school now. 

Wanting: A mani-pedi, my floors, grout and couch cleaned, my windows cleaned (they’re second story I can’t do them myself),  to shed some weight so I can fit into my clothes, and a sparkly/glittery windshield shade for my car.

Looking: For shoes! I need a pair of black and brown. Wedges preferably. I legit have no shoes, this is not the way most women say they “need shoes” I really NEED shoes.


Well… in a first-world way. I’m not barefoot. I just don’t have black heels. 

Playing: Games to help me study on the internet. I gotta memorize a whole bunch of polyatomic ions and acids and the internet has been a vast resource.

Wasting: Time. I waste so much time. I guess I have too much time to waste.

Mashed Potato Cat

Sewing: Don’t know how. Not even a button. I’d like to learn, but I’m so busy wasting time.

Wishing: I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller…

Enjoying: Swimming. I’ve been at my game in the pool of late. Easily cranking out a mile+ usually in 45 min just like my days of yore. Pretty good for an amateur.

Waiting: For my dude to show up and detail my car today. Yes, I have a dude.

Liking: This gif:



Drinking: My iced coffee (Starbucks unsweetened from the store) and coconut milk creamer with stevia and some sea salt mixed in.

Wondering: If I’ll ever fall in love again. Seriously. No, my car-wash dude is not “that kind” of “my dude.”


Cooking: I haven’t been in a cooking mood lately. Nope. But I’ve been obsessed with sautéing mushrooms and onions in wine, thickening up the sauce with arrowroot, and serving over zucchini noodles. Sometimes I add clams like a fancy bish. I have a sore palm because I have used my Vegetti every night since I got it like… 3 -4 weeks ago. *blush*

Loving: My Vegetti, apparently.

Marveling: At the stuff I’m learning in school. Everything is chemicals!

Adventure Time Science gif

Needing: To take my dog, Zoe, to the vet soon. I am afraid I will have to put her to sleep. *movingonbeforeIcry*

Smelling: Glade has this Limited Edition Woodside Library scent that is everything.


Noticing: Some of the best products are Limited Edition. This is annoying!

Opening: Speaking of Limited Edition, I can now open a bag of these chips that I’ve hoarded because they won (!!!) and Lay’s is going to keep them around.


Feeling: Some type of way.

Wearing: Shorts, tanks, flip-flops, dresses. No fall fashion for this Florida girl. Nary a boot nor scarf.

Following: In the direction God nudges me toward.

Knowing: That I’m not giving God my all.

Thinking: I’ll press on.

Bookmarking: The Weird Sh*t You Do thread on GOMI. I savored it slowly. So awesome.

Giggling: ^^^^ That thread though!


PS- I copied this survey from this lovely lady.

PPS- My aplogies for the font issues. Ugh. Computers are hard.

Hello Propaganda


I’m sure you’ve all heard the news by now. Hello Kitty is not a cat.   Not according to anthropologist Christine R Yano. Hello Kitty is a girl. A third-grade girl. This has allegedly reportedly been confirmed by Sanrio.

I take issue with this.



I’ve been into Sanrio (particularly Keroppi) since 1993. READ: BEFORE IT WAS COOL.

Actually, before “before it was cool” was even a thing.


I’m joking. A little.

Any— waking up to find out about this (thanks Erin!) rocked my world. A little.

Here’s what’s what. Or in other words,
*pulls up sleeves*



Cause of why can’t Hello Kitty be a cat and a girl? At the same damb time. A girl cat. Female cat. Isn’t that what we all thought to begin with?


The fact that she never “walked on all fours” means FA when it comes to classifying animals in the biological kingdom of cartoons. We KNOW this!

Mickey is a mouse. Donald is a duck. Goofy is a dog. None of them walked on all fours.

Pluto, coincidentally, is also a dog BUT unlike Goofy he walks on all fours and doesn’t talk. Most Americans pause to contemplate this at least once in their lives. Then we move right along. Because America?  No idea. Who cares because DISNEY!!

But the Japanese, they gotta be technical I guess and make things formal. They decided to formally declare Hello K-I-T-T-Y a girl.


(Again – why can’t she be a girl CAT? Why?)

Now this is what gets me…

The GIRL Hello Kitty, in addition to having CAT EARS and WHISKERS (All the sense it makes. All of it.), she has no mouth.

WHY SHE AIN’T GOT NO MOUTH? WHY don’t they let this bish talk!Is it stemming from female subordinancy in the Asian culture? I don’t know.


I dislike the term feminist rants – but that’s another topic. However, I’ve wondered about this for a long time (See above re: before it was cool). I refrained from writing a thesis on it for Feminist Lit in college, though.

In conclusion? FOH.

I’m rejecting this nonsense. Nope. I stan for my Kitty!!


Don’t believe the hype, friends.

I doubt this Christina woman knew what butterfly-chaos foolishment this would create. But, to her credit, being a anthropologist Hello Kitty Scholar for a living? I’ll bow. She’s winning at life.

But this Hello Kitty propaganda?



Such Talent. Much Grace.



I concussed myself last week. I decided to end the week on a good note and head-butted my hatchback Friday afternoon.


I like the cars.. the cars that go…BOOM. Paining.

That hatch flies up fast though! #excusesexcuses

(You just read “sex” in that hashtag didn’t you.)

My hand flew up to my forehead in what I can honestly say is the most legit #facepalm ever in the history of ever.



I froze like that in the parking lot while the icy-hot daggers of pain gave way to a torching tenderness of ouch – and when I drew my hand away I saw that I’d managed to draw blood.

Such talent. Much grace.



I tried to convince people I was tryna make Bindi Band-Aid happen. Unfortunately,  I fool no one when it comes to portending fashion trends.

The welt turned into a yellowish black & blue that eventually leaked down into the corner of my eye. (How this happen, body?) You can sort of see the aftermath above, but I waited for most of the *ick* factor to go away before lambasting my beauty on the internets.



I was loopy and dizzy last weekend as a result of all of this and I got to thinking about things, particularly “Missy Things.” <—That’s the “name” of this blog if you didn’t know. If I’m going to be consistently “blogging” to no one in particular, emphasis on no one, I want “it” to have meaning and purpose beyond my mere amusement and Tourette-like spasms of rambling about personal shiz.

I mean, my LIFE has more meaning and purpose beyond that, right? RIGHT? I’d like to spend more time writing and reflecting on my real-life goings on and challenges. That way, I’d be more accountable for growth and less prone to squirreling out; distracted by all of life’s awesome.



TLDNR: I hit my head and now I want to use my blog to better myself as a person. Like one does.

giphy (1)

Just what the world needs. LOLWUT.

Or maybe not blog at all (I lie; see above re: Tourette-like spasms).

Till I figure that out, I’ll be on the down-low.

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